Individuals who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often feel alone and misunderstood; however, they are anything but alone. Today, throughout the U.S., there are an estimated over 40 million men and women of all ages who live with and struggle with PTSD on a daily basis.

PTSD is difficult to understand, particularly if you have never experienced a traumatic event, and it can be even more confusing for those who have. PTSD cases differ greatly and should not be treated the same way. Whether your PTSD stems from a tragic accident or you are a Veteran of war, at PTSD Lawsuit we strive to give you the tools and information needed to seek compensation for the event that led to your PTSD. We understand that while PTSD may never go away, you deserve to enjoy the great things in life.

In addition to providing PTSD sufferers with valuable information that can help them settle their case, we share valuable and news breaking resources surrounding PTSD treatment from alternative medicine to educating a community and building a support system.

At PTSD Lawsuit, we advocate for PTSD sufferers and we strive to help them feel empowered. We encourage them to find their voices and ask for help. We inspire them to eliminate feelings of shame, embarrassment, and loneliness that are often associated with PTSD. We congratulate PTSD sufferers for being brave and taking each day at a time. Our mission is to answer any question, big or small, and help individuals with PTSD lead the life the they deserve. Whether you live with PTSD or you want to know more, contact PTSD Lawsuit today.


  1. Tony

    Can someone please contact me about this lawsuit?

  2. Eve

    I have been trying to find someone other than the VSO I have to help me win my case. I have autoimmune disesaes, chronic pain and mobility issues such as Rhuematoid Arthitis, as a result of PTSD. There has been several research articles and studies which proves this is a serious medical issue for veterans with CPTSD and serious trauma issues. For 5 years, I have been fighting with the Oakland VARO, the Secretary for Benefits, Hickey and have even contacted the so called Secretary McDonald for assistance in my claim(s). There needs to be another class action suit for the tons of veterans who have these illnesses due to PTSD. The presumption rule only applies to Gulf War (“In Theatre”) vets who may have been exposed to chemicals. This is not the totaly case with veterans who have PTSD who have simular illnesses, some “unexplained”. I have been verfied by the V.A. with postive ANA, however, my Lupus/Autoimmue disease is in remission, but I still suffer with Fibormyalgia, widespread chronic pain and swelling of joints and now I suffer with Thyroditis disease, which are all linked to PTSD.

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