Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious condition that affects people  who’ve experienced intense levels of fear and similar stressors. The fear leaves long-lasting marks on the psyches of sufferers, and it can make life incredibly difficult for people who go through traumas.


Many professions can lead to PTSD or trigger its symptoms for those who suffer from it already. If you or a loved one work in one of these fields, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open and sensitive to any problems which may develop. PTSD can be crippling, but a strong support network can help people with PTSD lead healthy, happy lives.


On the other hand, many jobs are ideally suited for PTSD sufferers. People with PTSD may want to seek these jobs out in order to maintain their stability.  

Jobs That Can Cause or Trigger PTSD Symptoms

These careers can leave their occupants with lasting scars, or they can open old one.

  • Law enforcement. Police officers face terrifying situations as a regular part of their job. Even routine traffic stops can turn violent. Police officers may be attacked, shot, and assaulted. Officers may also need to inflict bodily harm on to other people, which can also leave painful memories.
  • Military. PTSD was originally discovered by psychologists studying soldiers. Soldiers live through some of the deepest traumas human beings can experience. As a result, they have the highest rate of PTSD of any occupation. Be aware of and sensitive to PTSD symptoms if you or anyone you know has experienced combat.
  • Psychiatric work. Direct care workers in psychiatric hospitals and group homes face intense and risky situations. Their compassion can lead staff members to ignore threats of personal harm and other hazards, which can turn into deep damage in the long run.
  • Emergency response. Emergency responders are often forced to take hard looks at the suffering this world inflicts. And not only do they have to look at trauma, they have to work a full day in its light, and they’re expected to go home at the end of the day as if nothing happened. These jobs can leave workers vulnerable to PTSD.


Jobs That Can Help Manage PTSD Symptoms

Work is good for everyone, including people with PTSD. People who go through nasty experiences can help rebuild their strength by working hard and creating things for themselves.

  • Care positions. People suffering from PTSD may do well working with vulnerable populations. Animal care positions, in particular, may be beneficial.  Animals can be empathetic and nurturing to their caregivers. The caregivers can go home at the end of the day knowing well the value they provide to the world.
  • Landscaping, decorating, gardening. Jobs that offer quiet, thoughtful, meditative work can be good choices for people with PTSD. This kind of work can provide a safe space for people to be creative and introverted. Gardening will get you outside in the fresh air, which is good for anyone’s mental health.
  • Artist. Careers in the arts can be very hard to find. But if you can get work in the arts, it might be fantastic for someone suffering from trauma. Arts workers can work at their own pace in their own environment.