What are Some Common Workers Compensation Claims?

What is able to be claimed for workers compensation will differ from state to state. Regardless of that, most states require that the injury or accident an employee is trying to claim for must be a direct result of an activity related to work and that it needs to have happened at work.
The Most Common Reasons for Claims
The most common reason for workers compensation claims is from people falling. Not only is this the number one reason for injuries resulting in claims for workers compensation, it is also the number one cause of death from work related incidents.
The next most common reason for injuries occurring in the workplace is lifting. Some of the common injuries resulting from this are neck injuries as well as both upper and lower back injuries.

Some of the most common injuries are:

• Neck, back and knee injuries
• Carpal tunnel or other repetitive trauma
• Loss of hearing
• Occupational diseases such as dermatitis or asbestosis
• Pulmonary disorders or asthma
• Loss of limbs
• Injuries to the eyes
• Bursitis
• Tendonitis
• Brain injuries from trauma
• Fractures
• Ligament strains
• Severe lacerations
• Poisoning from lead paint
• Exposure to toxic chemicals
• Electrical injuries

While some injuries are more prevalent in certain professions, no matter what your profession is, it is important that proper workplace safety practices are followed.
Top Hazards in the Workplace
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has determined some of the hazards in the workplace that lead to workers compensation claims. They are:

• Fumes from asphalt
• Copy paper that is carbonless
• Aerosols
• Heat and cold stress
• Explosives and explosions related to mining
• Poisonous animals and plants
• Drug exposure related to healthcare professionals
• Fire
• Radiation from UV sources
Safety in the Workplace

Workplace safety is incredibly important in order to minimize occurrences of injuries in the workplace. With many safety procedures that are specific to the type of workplace and what goes on in the workplace, there are still some guidelines that are general. These are covered under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
Information that pertains to the following things is included in these OSHA guidelines:

• Emergency plans including protection from fires
• Hazardous materials and their storage
• Protective clothing and equipment
• Maintenance of equipment
• First aid equipment being placed in or near areas where injuries are more likely to occur

There will be different safety practices that are necessitated in different types of work environments and they should allow be followed stringently in order to maintain proper safety.

If you happen to be injured or become ill due to issues or events that occur in the workplace then you may be entitled to benefits from workers compensation. If you find yourself in this situation then you may want to acquire the services of an attorney who specializes in these types of cases. While you may apply for workers compensation without an attorney, if you are denied benefits then you will need an attorney in order to file an appeal so that you will be more successful in your efforts.